The Odo Festival in Aku By Christopher Ezeugwu
AKU has many festivals held in rotation yearly. It is interesting to note that our ancestors were wise and intelligent enough to have planned and divided the tasks and stages of carrying out of the ceremonies involved in the festivals among the villages in the town so that it... Read more
Ochendo, Edwin Iyidiobi, a development-oriented economist and topflight public servant, appraises Aku traditional economic activities of yesteryears against the backdrop of the challenges of modernity. First published in The Platform, a development-oriented magazine of Club 13, Aku, Igbo-Etiti local Government of Enugu state, Vol. 1, No. 1, March, 2005,... Read more
Every society is distinct, in large part, to the extent to which there are cultural divisions of activities that define roles taking between the men and women folks. This article written by Dr. (Mrs.) R. A. Ocho and first published in the Visions, a Journal of Ejuona Acada Front,... Read more

The Aku Woman

Articles May 23, 2017

Nigerian common history has been unfair to Aku Women. We are used to the historical account that the first women Riot that took place in Nigeria was the Abba Women Riot of 1929. Unfortunately, it is not so. The first Women Riot in Nigeria was the Aku Women Riot... Read more
Aku people believe that there is a continuous genealogical connection between the patrilineal lineages of the living and the dead. This is said to be consummated in the Kempt Psychic Union between the living and the dead which is dependent on mutually beneficial cooperation and protective partnership. As a... Read more
“Agbarigba” literally means in Aku dialect “people of the chains”, a name given to the white men by Aku people who were the first to see them in the present Uzo-Uwani local Government as they were chaining people. The coming of Agbarigba is the story of the British invasion... Read more
On December 28, 2015, the AKUDIEWA Lawyers’ Forum (ADLAF) held her second Annual Dinner at Aku. Hon. Malachy O. Ugwu, a public policy analyst and administrator was the guest speaker on the occasion. The theme of the lecture bordered on the above caption. The lecture which was delivered in... Read more
  “True Aku has a pattern, rule or standard but the truth of it is relative to the valuating authority or individual and the parameters used in assessing such values”. (Amadi, 2005, p. 20). In The Platform, Vol. 1 No 1, 2005, a development-oriented magazine of Club 13, Aku,... Read more
Marriage practices are a reflection of culture which defines a society or community. Culture itself is a subject of reformation, and Aku community is not only a reformed community but also a reform-minded community that is positively responding to the changing needs of the society. In this article, Mr.... Read more
In this treaties, the author, Kenneth IK. Ezea, a one-time practicing journalist for 13 year with leading Nigerian Newspapers – The Guardian, This Day, and Daily Independent, and who is now a Deputy Director and Corporate Reputation Management Specialist in the Public Service of Nigeria, examines the Challenges of... Read more